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Where do I receive my fee?

If you have received an iKLVB ticket, (for example by welcoming one of your visiting visitors), or many iKLVB tickets (for example, welcoming many guests to your event), to receive payment, read the information below.

For every visitor or guest who receives in private property or at the event in private property marketed, iKLVB 24 hours after the established date and time, sends you an e_mail inviting you to present the ticket at the online desk of iKLVB. From the time of submission, within 30 days you will receive from iKLVB the transfer to your current account, or to your paypal account or to your credit / prepaid card, you choose during the collection procedure.

You can always see the status of your payment at any time by checking the “My Tickets” section of your iKLVB profile.

Here’s what some possible status means:

Checked: The ticket was presented by you to the collection. It is now being worked on by the iKLVB Team.
Payed: IKLVB has made the payment. Check your statement.

If your payment has been suspended or blocked

If the ticket holder, within the following 24 hours (calculated from the date and the established time of your meeting), reports a dispute, the payment is automatically “suspended” or “blocked” to allow the iKLVB Team to contact you to resolve the dispute.

Before you receive an invitation to submit the ticket to the iKLVB, you must wait 24 hours (from the date and time of your meeting), to allow the ticket holder to exercise his right to claim in case something was not gone as expected. At the end of 24 hours without a complaint being filed, you will receive an invitation by iKLVB to proceed with the receipt of the ticket.

How do i confirm my profile and how long does the procedure require?

To verify your iKLVB profile by confirming your ID, you must prove that you are the owner of the document. Follow the three steps below.

1. Upload your identity card:

Click the profile icon at the top right, then from the menu select Profile.
Click Upload identity document.
Click Link and confirm the document.
2. Link and confirm identity document.

Once the ID is uploaded, the iKLVB Team proceeds like this:

Receive your ID and verify it.
Confirm the document and link it to your profile.
You will not be able to change or modify the document linked to the profile.
If you have difficulty in confirming your identity, send us an email or call us.

How much does it cost to use iKLVB?

Opening an account
The opening of an iKLVB account is free.

Receiving money
IKLVB considers time the most precious real asset that each of us possesses. Starting from this value, the members of the iKLVB community who market receive a pleasant fee from iKLVB:

Every time a private individual or professional, welcomes a member of the iKLVB community (as a potential buyer or tenant depending on whether your property is sold on iKLVB for sale or rent).
Every time a private individual or professional accepts a member of the iKLVB community (as a pre-selected online guest) to participate in an exclusive event in a private property.
Any compensation received is inclusive of taxes required by law.

The cost of the transfer.
The cost of receiving the transfer is subject to the costs of your operator.

Payments worldwide.
If required by law, fees are levied to receive money from iKLVB. For more information on taxes, see the Taxes section in the Terms of Use.

The cost of marketing.
On iKLVB, selling a private property for sale, rent or event all over the world is free for 1 month. At the end of the trial period it is necessary to choose the ideal subscription plan. Subscription plans are monthly and vary depending on the number of properties to be marketed and sponsored. It is known that the iKLVB eco-system allows all members of the community not only to recover the cost of the subscription, but rather to turn it into profit.

The cost of tickets.
The cost of tickets is adjusted to the price of the private property marketed or the event in private property marketed.

It is forbidden:

Owners and professionals must never ask visitors for money to visit a private property sold or rented. Instead, they are entitled to withdraw the iKLVB ticket to the meeting.
Visitors must never offer money to the owners for the visit and it is their obligation to purchase their personal ticket, use it to book the visit and have to deliver it to the meeting.
Owners and professionals should never ask guests for money to participate in an exclusive event in a private property. It is their right to collect the iKLVB ticket from their guests at the meeting.
Guests must never offer money to owners or professionals for participation in an event in private property, they are obliged to purchase their personal ticket to book the participation and must deliver it to the meeting.

How can I cancel a visit or participation?

If you have sent a visit or participation request

To cancel a visit directly from your iKLVB account, it is possible before 24 hours before the visit and if you see the “Cancel” button next to it. Here’s how to check:

Click My Tour.
Scroll to the visit you want to delete.
If the “Delete” link appears next to the icons, click Cancel.
Within 24 hours of the meeting, a visit or participation can not be canceled, not even by iKLVB.


If the visit is canceled in time, the ticket is automatically returned to the holder.
If the visit was not carried out by the ticket holder and not previously canceled, the ticket will automatically be considered spent and paid to the recipient.
If the visit has not been carried out due to a lack attributable to the marketing agent, the ticket holder may present a well-detailed dispute. The iKLVB Team will come into contact with the parties to define responsibility and remedy.

How can I file a formal complaint with iKLVB?

IKLVB is committed to offering you a high level of customer support. Sometimes, though, something may not go as planned. In these cases, contact us and we will do our best to find a solution to your problem.

We will keep you updated during the procedure and will do our best to resolve the complaint as quickly as possible. More complex cases may require further investigation; in these cases we will keep you updated until we can provide you with an answer.

To file a complaint:

Go to our Help and Contact page.
Click Controversy.
Click the subject of the dispute.
Enter the required data and click Submit.

What is the iKLVB warranty?

If you have problems with a visit or a visitor, with a participation or with a guest iKLVB may be able to help you. IKLVB offers the Warranty if you have purchased a ticket but:

The visitor does not show up and has not canceled the visit.The owner or professional does not show up and has not canceled the visit.The guest does not appear and has not canceled the participation.The event is not performed and the owner or professional has not canceled the event.To check all the terms and conditions of the PayPal Purchase Protection, see the Terms of Use.

I forgot my password, how do I recover access to my iKLVB account?

1. Go to and click Login in the upper right.
2. Click Login Problems?
3. Enter the email address you registered on your iKLVB account (if you can not remember what it is, click Forgot?) And click Next.

IKLVB sends a link to the email address set as “main” on your iKLVB account. Do not close the dialog and wait to receive the email. If you do not find the message in your inbox, check the spam folder.
5. Once you have verified your identity, you will be able to create and confirm a new password.


For security reasons, your current iKLVBl password can not be viewed in your account. We ask you to memorize it to access in the future.
The iKLVB password does not match the password of your email account. If you have lost access to it, you can still log in to the iKLVB account by entering the iKLVB email address and password.
If you can not recover your password as explained above, contact us.

How do I confirm my identity and how long does the procedure require?

To verify your iKLVB profile by confirming your identity card, you must prove that you are the owner of the profile. Follow the three steps below.

1. Insert your identity document:

Click My Profile from the menu at the top of the page by clicking on the profile picture.
Click “upload” your ID card.
Read the privacy policy and click OK.
2. Wait for the verification procedure:

The iKLVB Team checks your ID. Next to your name appears the “verified” symbol. For security reasons, you can upload your document only once and can not change it or replace it

If you have difficulty in confirming your identity, send us an email or call us.

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