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 and gain at each visit.

On iKLVB commercialize your private property for sale or for rent

all around the world. Plus, receive from iKLVB a pleasant fee every time

you welcome in visit an your potential buyer or tenant.

Open the doors of your little big world on iKLVB. ©

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How do you think a person can buy or rent your home
if he is not even to pay a ticket to see it?
Natural selection

iKLVB promotes the natural selection of your potential buyers or potential tenants. It favors, visits exclusively of people really interested to your property, ready to purchase. With you never waste time and earn on every visit.

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Objective conversion

iKLVB favors the conversion of your visitors into your buyers or tenants. The commercializations on iKLVB can reach a conversion rate up to 100%. With iKLVB you can also conclude already at the first visit.

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No limits

Do not direct your expectations only to people in your area. With iKLVB you can be reached many new potential buyers or tenants from over 200 countries. And conclude your contact directly with who you like.

Security and control

There is no other place in the world most precious of your private property. With iKLVB you have control, you already know at the first contact who you are welcoming on your property. You never lose time with iKLVB. Indeed, it is always a huge pleasure!

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